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Welcome to Longdale Speedway!

Welcome to Longdale Speedway!

Racing every third Saturday night April-October!

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Longdale Speedway6/15/2024USRA Modifieds
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Longdale Speedway6/15/2024USRA Limited Modifieds
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Longdale Speedway6/15/2024Factory Stocks
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Longdale Speedway6/15/2024USRA Tuners
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Longdale Speedway5/18/2024USRA Modifieds
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Longdale Speedway5/18/2024USRA Limited Modifieds
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Longdale Speedway5/18/2024Factory Stocks
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Longdale Speedway5/18/2024USRA Tuners
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Longdale Speedway5/18/2024305 Champ Sprints
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Longdale Speedway5/17/2024USRA Modifieds
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Longdale Speedway5/17/2024USRA Limited Modifieds
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Longdale Speedway5/17/2024Factory Stocks
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Longdale Speedway5/17/2024USRA Tuners
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Longdale Speedway5/17/2024Super Late Models
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USRA Modifiedsas of 6/15/2024
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USRA Limited Modifiedsas of 6/15/2024
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Factory Stocksas of 6/15/2024
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USRA Tunersas of 6/15/2024
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Herring, Kaup, Adams, and Costello Capture Wins on Saturday at Longdale Speedway!

Herring, Kaup, Adams, and Costello Capture Wins on Saturday at Longdale Speedway!
Herring, Kaup, Adams, and Costello Capture Wins on Saturday at Longdale Speedway!
Herring, Kaup, Adams, and Costello Capture Wins on Saturday at Longdale Speedway!
Herring, Kaup, Adams, and Costello Capture Wins on Saturday at Longdale Speedway!
Herring, Kaup, Adams, and Costello Capture Wins on Saturday at Longdale Speedway!

Maxx Ramsey Photo
LONGDALE, Okla. (June 16, 2024) - Jon Herring, Jr., Jeffrey Kaup, Joe Adams, and Racer Costello captured Furious Four Championship Cup wins on Saturday at Longdale Speedway.

The first of two stand alone FFCC events featured 61 cars on hand with 14-240 Consulting USRA Modifieds, 17-Martens Machine Shop USRA Limited Modifieds, 18-Hoffman Water Wells Factory Stocks, and 12-Glass Crack USRA Tuners.

Jon Herring, Jr. scores the 240 Consulting USRA Modified feature. Jeffrey Kaup claimed the Martens Machine Shop USRA Limited Modified main event. Joe Adams cashed in on $500 for his win in the Hoffman Water Wells Factory Stocks. Racer Costello dominated the Glass Crack USRA Tuner division.

Longdale Speedway returns to action on Saturday, July 20 with the Furious Four Championship Cup, plus the Sooner Late Model Series makes it final appearance of 2024.

6/15/2024 at Longdale Speedway
Furious Four Championship Cup - Jam the Stands Night & Driver Meet & Greet Night
Summit USRA Weekly Racing

USRA Modifieds presented by 240 Consulting

A Feature 1 (20 Laps): 1. 96JR-Jon Herring Jr[1]; 2. 08-Hunter McDonald[5]; 3. 10-Chris Klick[6]; 4. 11H-Denver Howard[3]; 5. 3C-Cary Cullins[4]; 6. 2C-Justin Cox[13]; 7. 55-Jonathan McCoy[11]; 8. 2S-Mike Selby[12]; 9. 95-Shawn Johnson[7]; 10. 73G-Gratton Dalton[9]; 11. 15C-Cam Case[2]; 12. 41-Chris Hilliard[8]; 13. 23S-Heath Myers[10]; 14. (DNS) 33-Robert Harley

Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 96JR-Jon Herring Jr[3]; 2. 15C-Cam Case[6]; 3. 08-Hunter McDonald[5]; 4. 41-Chris Hilliard[4]; 5. 73G-Gratton Dalton[1]; 6. 55-Jonathan McCoy[2]; 7. (DNS) 33-Robert Harley

Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. 11H-Denver Howard[2]; 2. 3C-Cary Cullins[5]; 3. 95-Shawn Johnson[1]; 4. 10-Chris Klick[7]; 5. 23S-Heath Myers[4]; 6. 2S-Mike Selby[6]; 7. 2C-Justin Cox[3]

USRA Limited Modifieds presented by Martens Machine Shop

A Feature 1 (20 Laps): 1. 92-Jeffrey Kaup[1]; 2. 29J-Jonathan Powers[8]; 3. 18-Kyle Wiens[7]; 4. 10-Alex Wiens[10]; 5. 4P-Daylon Bergeron[13]; 6. 20-Austin Sessions[5]; 7. 18X-Kyle Angel[9]; 8. 76B-Bobby Whittemire[6]; 9. 2-John Newton[11]; 10. 09-Robert Elliott[3]; 11. 99A-Aren Watson[16]; 12. 12E-Emme Hughes[12]; 13. 52H-Jason Hilliard[2]; 14. 50P-Lynn Poulson[4]; 15. 76-Brian Stotler[17]; 16. (DNS) 2E-Keith Estes; 17. (DNS) 09R-Race Elliott

Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 52H-Jason Hilliard[2]; 2. 09-Robert Elliott[5]; 3. 50P-Lynn Poulson[7]; 4. 18-Kyle Wiens[6]; 5. 18X-Kyle Angel[1]; 6. 99A-Aren Watson[8]; 7. 12E-Emme Hughes[4]; 8. 4P-Daylon Bergeron[3]; 9. (DNS) 09R-Race Elliott

Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. 92-Jeffrey Kaup[7]; 2. 20-Austin Sessions[3]; 3. 76B-Bobby Whittemire[6]; 4. 29J-Jonathan Powers[1]; 5. 10-Alex Wiens[2]; 6. 2-John Newton[4]; 7. 76-Brian Stotler[8]; 8. 2E-Keith Estes[5]

Factory Stocks presented by Hoffman Water Wells

A Feature 1 (20 Laps): 1. 1-Joe Adams[2]; 2. 42-Dakotah Stewart[1]; 3. 3-Logan Macy[3]; 4. 47-Landon Maddox[5]; 5. 81-Tyler Scruggs[11]; 6. 06-Tommy Bohnstedt[8]; 7. 09R-Race Elliott[7]; 8. 21-Jason Weber[10]; 9. 23-Brian Murray[4]; 10. 16-Skylar McCall[6]; 11. 19R-Caleb Ramer[13]; 12. 2-Lance Sessions[14]; 13. 38-Kevin Glenn[15]; 14. 00-Mark Burrell[16]; 15. 55C-Steve Clemmons[9]; 16. (DNS) 11M-James Phelps; 17. (DNS) 19-RJ Ramer; 18. (DNS) 4-Barry Schievink

Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 1-Joe Adams[4]; 2. 47-Landon Maddox[2]; 3. 23-Brian Murray[6]; 4. 09R-Race Elliott[5]; 5. 21-Jason Weber[1]; 6. 81-Tyler Scruggs[3]; 7. 2-Lance Sessions[7]; 8. 38-Kevin Glenn[8]; 9. 19-RJ Ramer[9]

Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. 42-Dakotah Stewart[7]; 2. 3-Logan Macy[3]; 3. 16-Skylar McCall[1]; 4. 55C-Steve Clemmons[4]; 5. 06-Tommy Bohnstedt[8]; 6. 11M-James Phelps[5]; 7. 19R-Caleb Ramer[9]; 8. 00-Mark Burrell[2]; 9. 4-Barry Schievink[6]

USRA Tuners presented by Glass Crack

A Feature 1 (15 Laps): 1. 24-Racer Costello[2]; 2. 22P-Joel Badillo[7]; 3. 27X-David Wagner[5]; 4. 5-Brian Wagner[4]; 5. 22X-Seth Boster[3]; 6. 5C-Christopher Clark[8]; 7. 22-Donald Kaup[9]; 8. 12R-Kade Raulston[6]; 9. 115J-Vernon McIntosh[10]; 10. 92J-Carl Johnson[11]; 11. (DNS) R19-Caleb Ramer; 12. (DNS) 64-Robert Stewart

Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. R19-Caleb Ramer[1]; 2. 22X-Seth Boster[4]; 3. 12R-Kade Raulston[3]; 4. 22P-Joel Badillo[5]; 5. 22-Donald Kaup[6]; 6. 92J-Carl Johnson[2]

Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. 24-Racer Costello[1]; 2. 5-Brian Wagner[2]; 3. 27X-David Wagner[5]; 4. 5C-Christopher Clark[4]; 5. 115J-Vernon McIntosh[3]; 6. (DNS) 64-Robert Stewart

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